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If you are preparing for the ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam 2019, you may be seeking critical information to help you succeed. This exam is designed to assess your knowledge and skills in maternal newborn nursing. To aid your preparation, we have gathered essential details and practice questions to guide you through this crucial examination.

Key Points for ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam 2019:
– The exam covers topics such as maternal health, neonatal health, antepartum, postpartum care, and complications during pregnancy.
– Familiarize yourself with common medications, diagnostic tests, and signs of pregnancy-related conditions.
– Practice answering questions related to fetal anomalies, prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum complications.

Sample Practice Questions:
1. A nurse is caring for a client at 32 weeks gestation experiencing preterm labor. What medication should the nurse plan to administer?
– a. Misoprostol
– b. Betamethasone (ANS)
– c. Poractant alfa
– d. Methylergonovine

2. What lab test is commonly used to confirm pregnancy?
– a. Urine test for presence of HCG (ANS)
– b. Urine test for the presence of HCS
– c. Blood test for presence of estrogen
– d. Blood test for the amount of circulating progesterone

3. What finding should a nurse identify as a positive sign of pregnancy?
– a. Palpable fetal movement (ANS)
– b. Amenorrhea
– c. Chadwick’s sign
– d. Positive pregnancy test

4. A nurse is caring for a client with oligohydramnios. What fetal anomalies should the nurse expect?
– a. Renal agenesis
– b. Atrial septal defect

Reference Material:
– Jamal Haki ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Review 2019
– How to Pass ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam
– Jamal Haki ATI Level 3 Review

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the format of the ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam 2019?
– The exam consists of multiple-choice questions focusing on maternal newborn nursing concepts.

2. How can I best prepare for the ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam 2019?
– Study essential topics such as prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum complications, and neonatal health. Practice answering practice questions to assess your readiness.

3. Is the exam based on the latest maternal newborn nursing guidelines?
– Yes, the exam is designed to test your knowledge based on current maternal newborn nursing practices and guidelines.


Success in the ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam 2019 requires a thorough understanding of maternal newborn nursing concepts, medications, diagnostic tests, and potential complications. By familiarizing yourself with key topics and practicing with sample questions, you can enhance your readiness for this important exam. Remember to stay focused, study diligently, and seek assistance if needed to excel in this assessment. Good luck with your exam preparation!

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