Calculate with Confidence, 7th Edition Deborah C. Morris


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Interested in mastering the essential skills of drug calculation for nursing practice? Look no further than Calculate with Confidence, 7th Edition by Deborah C. Morris. This textbook provides a detailed overview of the three main strategies of drug calculation, focusing on enhancing the learning experience for nursing students at all levels of their education.

Key features of the 7th edition include:

  • Over 2,100 practice problems: With pre-test and post-test reviews, you get ample opportunities to test your knowledge and skills.
  • Chapter-specific assessments: Assess your understanding of the material covered in each chapter with review problems and answer keys.
  • Updated Medication Administration chapter: Includes discussions on medication safety, consumer rights, the six rights of medication administration, and routes of administration.
  • Safety Alert boxes: Highlight potential issues that could lead to medication errors and provide actions to avoid calculation mistakes.
  • New content additions and updates: Including dosage word problems, Critical Thinking Scenarios, discussions on safety issues, and updates in insulin, critical care, parenteral therapy, and heparin chapters.
  • A-Z medication index: Easily locate drug labels in the textbook with page references.
  • New medication labels: Stay updated with the latest information relevant to clinical practice.

Whether you are a nursing student or a practicing nurse looking to improve your drug calculation skills, Calculate with Confidence offers a comprehensive and clinically relevant approach to mastering this critical aspect of patient care.


1. Who is the author of Calculate with Confidence, 7th Edition?

The author of this textbook is Deborah C. Morris.

2. How many practice problems are included in the book?

There are over 2,100 practice problems in the 7th edition of Calculate with Confidence.

3. What are some of the key updates in the latest edition?

The latest edition includes new content additions such as dosage word problems, Critical Thinking Scenarios, and updates in various chapters like insulin, critical care, and parenteral therapy.


Calculate with Confidence, 7th Edition by Deborah C. Morris is a valuable resource for nursing students and professionals looking to sharpen their drug calculation skills. With comprehensive coverage of essential topics, updated content, and a wealth of practice problems, this textbook serves as a trusted guide in mastering medication administration and dosage calculations in a clinical setting.

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