College Algebra Concepts Through Functions 5th Edition Michael Sullivan


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If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to College Algebra, the 5th edition of “College Algebra: Concepts Through Functions” by Michael Sullivan is a must-have textbook. This edition builds on the success of its predecessors, offering a unique approach to teaching algebra through the lens of functions.

Key Features of the 5th Edition:

– Introduction of key features at the beginning of the text
– Introduction and development of a new function in each chapter
– Emphasis on fundamental concepts to help students prepare for class, practice homework, and review key ideas
– Optional graphing utility coverage that can be tailored to different course needs
– Abundance of new and updated features including new problem issues and interactive figure exercises

The esteemed authors, Michael Sullivan and Michael Sullivan, are known for their ability to connect with students and simplify complex concepts. By focusing on mastering basic skills and developing conceptual understanding, students are better prepared for this course and future math classes.

Whether you are a student looking to strengthen your algebra skills or an instructor seeking a comprehensive teaching resource, “College Algebra: Concepts Through Functions” is a valuable asset in your academic journey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the 5th edition suitable for beginners in algebra?

A: Yes, the 5th edition of “College Algebra: Concepts Through Functions” is designed to help students of all levels, including beginners, build a strong foundation in algebra.

Q: Are there additional resources available to supplement the textbook?

A: Yes, the textbook offers supplementary materials such as problem sets, interactive exercises, and online resources to enhance the learning experience.

Q: Can the graphing utility coverage be adjusted based on course requirements?

A: Yes, the graphing utility coverage is optional and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different algebra courses.


“College Algebra: Concepts Through Functions” offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to learning algebra. With its focus on fundamental concepts, practical problem-solving, and updated features, this textbook is a valuable resource for both students and instructors. Whether you are new to algebra or looking to deepen your understanding of functions, this 5th edition by Michael Sullivan is a recommended choice for mastering college-level algebra.

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