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The “Computer Science An Overview 13th Edition” by Glenn Brookshear is a comprehensive textbook that covers the breadth of computer science while providing the necessary depth to explore key concepts. This text is suitable for students of computer science as well as those from other disciplines, making it accessible to learners from various backgrounds.

Individual chapters in the book are independent, allowing instructors to cover them in an order that aligns with their course requirements. Some content is marked as optional for introductory courses, providing flexibility in teaching. The 13th Edition features a new full-color design, with each chapter having undergone revisions, updates, and corrections from previous editions.

One notable aspect of the book is its use of Python programming language to provide tools for exploration and experimentation. Additionally, the text includes over 1,000 questions and exercises, Chapter Review Problems, and Social Issues questions, all of which help reinforce core concepts for students.

Overall, “Computer Science An Overview 13th Edition” offers a practical and realistic understanding of the subject, making it a valuable resource for students and instructors alike.

## FAQ

### 1. What is the ISBN of “Computer Science An Overview 13th Edition”?
The ISBN-13 of the book is 9780137503216.

### 2. Is this textbook suitable for students from non-computer science backgrounds?
Yes, the textbook is written in a way that makes it accessible to students from various disciplines, not just computer science.

### 3. Does the book provide programming tools for experimentation?
Yes, the textbook uses Python to offer programming tools for exploration and hands-on learning.

### 4. Are there practice questions and exercises included in the book?
Yes, the book contains over 1,000 questions and exercises, as well as Chapter Review Problems to help reinforce core concepts.

### 5. Is the content of the book up-to-date?
The 13th Edition of the book features revised, updated, and corrected content, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

## Conclusion

“Computer Science An Overview 13th Edition” by Glenn Brookshear is a comprehensive and accessible textbook that caters to students of computer science and other disciplines. With its practical approach, use of Python programming, and ample practice materials, the book offers a valuable resource for both learners and educators in the field of computer science.

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