Conceptual Physical Science 6th Edition Paul G. Hewitt


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“Hewitt’s Conceptual Physical Science 6th Edition” is a comprehensive textbook designed for one- or two-semester physical science survey courses tailored for non-science majors. Authored by Paul G. Hewitt, this edition provides a conceptual overview of essential topics in physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy, with the option for quantitative analyses. The book places a strong emphasis on introducing concepts before delving into mathematical computations, making it easily accessible to all students.

Key Features of the Textbook:
– Clear and friendly writing style
– Integration of multiple scientific disciplines
– Engaging content for non-science majors

Table of Contents:
The textbook is divided into four main parts, each covering a specific branch of science:
1. Physics: Includes topics such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Thermodynamics, Electricity, Magnetism, Waves, and Light.
2. Chemistry: Covers Atoms, Elements of Chemistry, Chemical Reactions, Organic Compounds, and more.
3. Earth Science: Explores Rocks and Minerals, Plate Tectonics, Geologic Time, Oceans, and Climate.
4. Astronomy: Discusses the Solar System, Stars, Galaxies, and the Structure of Space and Time.


Q: Who is the author of “Conceptual Physical Science 6th Edition”?
A: The author of the textbook is Paul G. Hewitt.

Q: What is the target audience for this textbook?
A: This textbook is designed for non-science majors taking one- or two-semester physical science survey courses.

Q: Does the textbook include quantitative analyses?
A: Yes, the textbook offers optional quantitative analyses alongside conceptual explanations.

Q: Are there practice problems or exercises included in the book?
A: Yes, the textbook likely includes practice problems and exercises to help reinforce understanding of the concepts presented.

“Hewitt’s Conceptual Physical Science 6th Edition” is a valuable resource for students seeking a conceptual understanding of physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy. With its accessible writing style and interdisciplinary approach, the textbook provides a solid foundation in the basic principles of science. By focusing on concepts before computations, it aims to engage and educate non-science majors in the fascinating world of physical sciences.


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