Project-Based R Companion to Introductory Statistics 1st Edition


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Are you looking for a practical and hands-on approach to learning statistics using R programming language? The Project-Based R Companion to Introductory Statistics is designed to accompany traditional statistics or biostatistics textbooks, providing a step-by-step guide to data analysis using real-world datasets.

ISBN 9780367262082

In this book, each chapter covers essential topics like descriptive statistics, regression, hypothesis testing, and more. Unlike traditional textbooks, the emphasis is on practical application by analyzing publicly available datasets. The chapters include R code examples along with multi-part projects for students to complete, enhancing their skills in testing assumptions, exploring data, and drawing conclusions.

Key Features of the Text:

  • Structured in chapters mirroring typical introductory statistics textbooks for easy integration into course syllabi.
  • Includes student projects for hands-on practice that can be used as lab assignments or homework.
  • Utilizes real-world datasets from various fields for student analysis.
  • Helps students gain experience in conducting comprehensive data analysis using R.

This book is suitable for undergraduate students in introductory statistical methods courses or subject-specific research methods courses like biostatistics or business analytics.

Author Bio:

Chelsea Myers, the author of this book, brings a wealth of experience as a research biostatistician and statistics educator. With over 10 years in the field, Chelsea has authored numerous scientific papers and presentations. Currently teaching at Rollins College and Valencia College in Florida, Chelsea’s expertise shines through in this comprehensive guide to project-based statistical analysis using R.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is this book suitable for beginners in statistics?

Yes, this book is designed for undergraduate students in introductory statistics courses, providing a practical approach to learning statistical analysis using R.

2. Can this book be used as a standalone resource for statistics education?

While this book is intended as a companion to traditional textbooks, it offers a hands-on supplement to enhance students’ understanding of statistical concepts.

3. Are the datasets used in the book freely available for practice?

Yes, the book utilizes publicly available datasets from various fields like history, popular culture, business, medicine, and forensics for student analysis.


The Project-Based R Companion to Introductory Statistics offers an innovative approach to teaching statistics through practical data analysis using R. With a focus on real-world datasets and hands-on projects, students can develop essential skills in statistical analysis and R programming. Whether you are an instructor looking to enhance your course materials or a student aiming to gain practical experience, this book is a valuable resource for mastering statistical analysis.

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