Statistics for Business and Economics 13th Edition James T. McClave


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If you are looking for a comprehensive and practical solution manual for “Statistics for Business and Economics 13th Edition” by James T. McClave, you are in the right place. This textbook is designed for courses in Introductory Business Statistics, providing real data and emphasizing statistical literacy in thinking. Here is some key information about the 13th edition:

  • ISBN-10: 0134506596
  • ISBN-13: 978-0134506593

“Statistics for Business and Economics” introduces statistics in the context of contemporary business, applying concepts with real data and using technology to enhance understanding. The text includes examples, activities, and case studies to facilitate active learning, while focusing on intuitive concepts of probability for making informed business decisions. The 13th edition underscores the importance of ethical behavior in dealing with data and offers a plethora of new exercises and case studies to engage students effectively.


1. What topics are covered in “Statistics for Business and Economics 13th Edition”?

The textbook covers a range of topics including descriptive statistics, probability, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and more. It applies these concepts to real-world business scenarios.

2. Is this solution manual suitable for self-study?

While the solution manual is primarily designed for instructors to aid in teaching the course, students can also benefit from using it for self-study purposes to practice and reinforce their understanding of the material.

3. How does this edition differ from previous editions?

The 13th edition includes updated exercises, case studies, and examples to ensure relevance and applicability to current business practices. It also emphasizes the ethical considerations in data analysis and reporting.


With its practical approach, real-world examples, and emphasis on statistical literacy, “Statistics for Business and Economics 13th Edition” by James T. McClave is a valuable resource for students and instructors alike. Whether you are looking to enhance your statistical skills for business decision-making or teach a course on introductory business statistics, this textbook and its solution manual provide comprehensive support for your learning and teaching needs.

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