Survey of Accounting, 3rd edition Kimmel Solution Manual


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If you are looking for a comprehensive solution manual for Survey of Accounting, 3rd Edition by Kimmel, you’re in the right place. This solution manual provides detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions to the problems presented in the textbook, helping students better understand the concepts and excel in their accounting studies.

Key Details:

  • ISBN-10: 1119895685
  • ISBN-13: 978-1119895688
  • Edition: 3rd


The 3rd edition of Survey of Accounting by Kimmel offers future business professionals a practical introduction to financial and managerial accounting without the use of debits and credits. The book focuses on building students’ decision-making skills, emphasizing financial statements, data analytics, and the importance of using accounting information in real-world decision-making. It provides adaptive practice opportunities, engaging real-world industry examples, and videos to reinforce student understanding of accounting concepts and their relevance to everyday life and future careers in business and accounting.


1. How can I get access to the solution manual for Survey of Accounting, 3rd Edition?

You can purchase the solution manual from various online retailers or directly from the publisher.

2. Is the solution manual the same as the textbook?

No, the solution manual provides answers and explanations to the problems presented in the textbook to help students understand the concepts better and practice problem-solving.

3. Are there any online resources available to supplement the solution manual?

Yes, you can find additional resources such as practice quizzes, videos, and case studies related to accounting that can further enhance your understanding of the subject.


The Solution Manual for Survey of Accounting, 3rd Edition by Kimmel is a valuable resource for students studying accounting. It offers detailed solutions to problems, helping students grasp the core concepts and excel in their coursework. By utilizing this solution manual, students can enhance their learning experience and build a strong foundation in accounting.

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