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Business Law in Canada, 11th Edition by Yates is a comprehensive resource for future professionals looking to establish a strong legal understanding of key business issues. This edition covers the latest developments in business law, emphasizing the significance of information technology, the internet, intellectual property, and legal matters related to small businesses. For those interested in purchasing the Test Bank for Business Law in Canada, here are some essential details:

– **ISBN-10:** 0133847136
– **ISBN-13:** 978-0133847130

Please note that this is a standalone product, and MyBusLawLab is not included. Students interested in acquiring the title with MyBusLawLab should consult their instructors for the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors can reach out to their Pearson representative for further details.

For those seeking to purchase both the physical text and MyBusLawLab, they can search for the product using the provided ISBN numbers.


1. **Is the Test Bank included with the purchase of the Business Law in Canada 11th Edition by Yates?**
– No, the Test Bank is a separate resource and is not included with the purchase of the textbook.

2. **Can students purchase the Test Bank separately?**
– Students should consult their instructors or academic institutions for guidance on obtaining the Test Bank.

3. **Are there any online resources available for this textbook?**
– Students can explore MyBusLawLab for additional study materials and resources related to Business Law in Canada.

In conclusion, Business Law in Canada, 11th Edition by Yates offers valuable insights into various legal aspects of business operations. By staying updated with current trends and issues, this textbook serves as a vital resource for business students and professionals alike.

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