A Brief History of Modern Psychology, 3rd Edition by Ludy T. Benjamin Jr Test Bank


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**A Brief History of Modern Psychology, 3rd Edition by Ludy T. Benjamin Jr Test Bank: Exploring the Evolution of Psychology**

“A Brief History of Modern Psychology” by Ludy T. Benjamin Jr provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of psychology as a dynamic field, tracing its development from early pioneers to contemporary applications. This third edition delves into the significant figures, concepts, and schools of thought that have shaped modern psychology, offering readers a thorough understanding of its historical and disciplinary contexts.

Key Points:
– **ISBN-10:** 1119493242
– **ISBN-13:** 978-1119493242

In this revised edition, Ludy Benjamin Jr presents a captivating narrative that explores essential areas such as prescientific psychology, physiology, early psychological schools, and the origins of applied psychology, behaviorism, and psychoanalysis. The book covers a range of topics including 20th-century developments, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, and more, providing readers with a solid foundational knowledge of the field.

The author interweaves biographical information on both well-known figures like Carl Jung, Wilhelm Wundt, and B.F. Skinner, as well as lesser-known individuals including E.B. Titchener, Mary Calkins, and Leta Hollingworth. This personalistic approach enriches the understanding of the theories and practices of these influential figures who have shaped modern psychology.


**1. What is the focus of “A Brief History of Modern Psychology”?**
The book focuses on tracing the evolution of psychology, from its early origins to contemporary applications, highlighting key figures and schools of thought along the way.

**2. How does the book approach historical context in psychology?**
The author integrates biographical information to provide a personalistic approach to history, allowing readers to understand the theories and practices of influential figures in psychology.

**3. What topics are covered in the book?**
The book covers essential areas such as prescientific psychology, early psychological schools, physiology and psychophysics, as well as contemporary developments like clinical and cognitive psychology.


“A Brief History of Modern Psychology, 3rd Edition” by Ludy T. Benjamin Jr is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of psychology. By blending historical context with engaging narratives, the book offers readers a solid foundation in the key concepts and figures that have shaped the field of psychology. Whether you are a student, researcher, or simply interested in the history of psychology, this book provides insights that will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of this dynamic discipline.

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