The seventh edition of “BASIC BIOMECHANICS” by Susan J Hall provides a comprehensive overview of biomechanics, focusing on the integration of qualitative and quantitative examples, features, and practical advice to elucidate key concepts. This updated edition caters to students with varying mathematical backgrounds, offering numerous sample problems and guidance on approaching quantitative issues.

**Book Details:**
– **Author:** Susan J Hall
– **Edition:** 7th
– **ISBN-10:** 0073522767
– **ISBN-13:** 978-0073522760

The book covers applied anatomy, mechanical principles, and their connections to sports and everyday activities. It presents biomechanical concepts in a progressive manner, making it easier for students to grasp both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the subject.

For instructors and students, access to course materials is facilitated through the Connect digital learning platform. By opting for standalone Connect access or a print and Connect bundle, users can benefit from features like an adaptive digital textbook, homework assignments, progress tracking dashboards, and the option to purchase a printed version of the book.


**Q1: Can I purchase the Basic Biomechanics Test Bank separately from the textbook?**
A1: The Test Bank may be available for purchase separately, depending on the retailer or publisher. It’s recommended to check with the seller for specific purchasing options.

**Q2: How does the Connect platform enhance the learning experience for students and instructors?**
A2: Connect provides users with access to digital course materials, homework assignments, progress tracking tools, and additional resources to support learning and teaching processes.

**Q3: Is the 7th edition of Basic Biomechanics suitable for beginners in the field of biomechanics?**
A3: Yes, the book caters to students with varying levels of mathematical backgrounds and offers practical advice to help beginners approach quantitative problems in biomechanics.


The 7th edition of “BASIC BIOMECHANICS” by Susan J Hall is a valuable resource for students and instructors looking to delve into the fundamental principles of biomechanics. With its balanced coverage of applied anatomy, mechanical concepts, and real-world applications, this book equips readers with a solid foundation in the field. By leveraging the Connect digital learning platform, users can access a personalized learning experience tailored to their needs.

Whether you are a student aiming to understand biomechanics better or an instructor seeking comprehensive course materials, Basic Biomechanics offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights to enhance your learning journey.

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