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If you are a student looking for additional resources to aid in your understanding and preparation for exams, the test bank for “Building Your Dream 10th Canadian Edition” by Walter Good can be a valuable tool. This test bank provides a collection of practice questions and answers that can help you assess your knowledge and comprehend the material better.

**ISBN-10:** 1259106853
**ISBN-13:** 978-1259106859

Good/Mayhew, Building Your Dream takes a practical, hands-on approach to Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The book focuses on the start-up phase of a small business and guides students through the fundamental 11-stage process involved in starting a business. Students will benefit from this action-oriented approach, learning what it takes to succeed in an entrepreneurial career, from understanding the necessary skills to conducting a feasibility study, financing a new business, and completing a Business Plan by the end of the semester.

**About the Author:**

Wendy Mayhew, an accomplished businesswoman, is known for her talent in assisting first-time entrepreneurs in establishing successful businesses. With a background in the telecom and satellite technology sectors, Wendy is constantly seeking innovative ways to utilize technology to meet business needs. She was one of the first to recognize the potential of social media for gathering business intelligence, engaging customers, and marketing products and services. Wendy’s unique perspective on web-assisted business development is particularly relevant to today’s aspiring entrepreneurs.

As a professional advisor and a dedicated volunteer for organizations focused on entrepreneurial development, Wendy shares practical advice and success strategies with business startups across Canada.


**1. What is a test bank?**
A test bank is a collection of practice questions and answers designed to help students prepare for exams and enhance their understanding of course material.

**2. How can I access the test bank for “Building Your Dream 10th Canadian Edition”?**
You can typically find the test bank for this book through online retailers or academic resources. It may be available for purchase or provided by your instructor.

**3. Are the questions in the test bank the same as those in the actual exams?**
While the questions in the test bank may cover similar topics and concepts as the exams, they are not identical to the actual exam questions. The test bank is meant to serve as a study aid and help you gauge your comprehension of the material.

**4. How can using a test bank benefit me as a student?**
Using a test bank can help you practice applying your knowledge, identify areas where you need further study, and become more familiar with the format of exam questions.


The test bank for “Building Your Dream 10th Canadian Edition” by Walter Good can be a valuable resource for students pursuing studies in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. With a focus on practical application and essential business skills, this test bank can aid in preparing for exams and gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Accessing additional study materials like test banks can be beneficial in enhancing your academic performance and achieving success in your coursework.

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