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If you are studying Business Law Principles and Practices, the 9th edition by Arnold J. Goldman, you may find the Test Bank a valuable resource. This Test Bank for Cengage Benefit Books Business Law Principles and Practices 9e provides additional practice questions and materials to aid in your preparation for exams and assessments.

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Overview of Business Law: Principles and Practices 9E

Business Law: Principles and Practices, 9th Edition, has undergone a significant revision to enhance learning experiences. This latest edition features a new learning system with clear objectives to guide students through the course material. With engaging features like Ethics in a Business Setting, You React, and Self-Test Quizzes in a two-color design, students are encouraged to interact and immerse themselves in the content. Case examples are presented in easily digestible segments that are clear, up-to-date, and free from unnecessary jargon.

Co-authored by Arnold J. Goldman, a practicing attorney, and William D. Sigismond, a seasoned business law educator, this user-friendly text educates students about the law through intriguing cases and ethical dilemmas. Hypothetical examples immediately follow concept discussions to further reinforce understanding. The new edition is updated to reflect recent legal changes, addressing legal rights and responsibilities in both the public and private sectors.

About the Authors

Arnold J. Goldman is an attorney at the firm of Goldman and Goldman in Rochester, New York. In addition to his legal practice, he has taught constitutional law courses at the University of Rochester and served as a guest lecturer at various schools in the Rochester area.

William D. Sigismond is the Director of Experiential and Adult Learning and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. With over 35 years of experience teaching business law at high school and college levels, he is a member and former president of the New York State Business Educator’s Association and belongs to several other professional organizations. As a certified arbitrator, he has handled a variety of cases for the American Arbitration Association and the Better Business Bureau.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is included in the Business Law Principles and Practices 9th Edition Test Bank?

The Test Bank for the 9th edition of Business Law Principles and Practices by Arnold J. Goldman includes additional practice questions, quizzes, and materials to help you prepare for exams and assessments.

2. How can the Test Bank benefit students studying Business Law?

The Test Bank offers a valuable supplement to the textbook by providing extra practice opportunities for students to test their understanding of key concepts and principles in business law.

3. Is the Test Bank essential for succeeding in a Business Law course?

While the Test Bank is not a substitute for studying the main textbook and course materials, it can be a helpful tool for reinforcing learning and preparing for exams.


Business Law Principles and Practices, 9th Edition by Arnold J. Goldman, along with the accompanying Test Bank, provides students with a comprehensive resource to enhance their understanding of business law concepts. With the updated content reflecting recent legal changes and the engaging learning features incorporated in the textbook, students can delve into the world of law with clarity and practical insights.

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