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If you are looking for the test bank for the 14th edition of “Children” by Santrock, here is some important information:

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎1260154084
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎978-1260154085

The 14th edition of “Children” by Santrock provides an overview of children’s development, covering biological beginnings through infancy, early childhood, and adolescence. The text emphasizes the interconnectedness of different aspects of development to help students better grasp the covered concepts. Authored by John Santrock with contributions from experts in the field, the book incorporates current research and real-world applications to show students how developmental psychology influences their lives and future careers. Through a personalized digital learning program, students gain valuable insights to study effectively and enhance their performance.

The Milestones video program featured in the book allows students to observe actual individuals as they reach major developmental milestones, both physically and cognitively, from infancy onwards.

Reaching Today’s Learners

Today’s students have diverse learning preferences compared to previous generations. They engage with content visually, interactively, and in shorter bursts, utilizing various modalities for learning. Traditional printed textbooks are no longer sufficient for many students who prefer immediate access to a wealth of information. The adaptive e-book “Smart Book” and the Learning Objectives System are two features tailored to meet the needs of modern learners.

  • Smart Book helps students differentiate between concepts they know and those they need to focus on, creating a personalized learning path. It offers resources like videos, Concept Clips, and slides to reinforce challenging concepts.
  • The Learning Objectives System establishes comprehensive learning connections through chapter outlines, goals, mini-chapter maps, questions, and end-of-chapter summaries.
  • Concept Clips, available within Connect, aid students in understanding key themes and complex psychological concepts through analogies, visual cues, and engaging animations, making psychology relevant to daily life.


Q: Can I purchase the test bank separately?

A: Test banks are typically available for purchase separately from the textbook. You may need to check with the publisher or authorized sellers for availability.

Q: Is the test bank compatible with e-readers?

A: Depending on the format, the test bank can be compatible with e-readers that support the necessary file types. It’s recommended to check the compatibility before making a purchase.


The 14th edition of “Children” by Santrock offers a comprehensive exploration of child development, incorporating current research, real-world applications, and a personalized learning experience for students. With features like the Milestones video program and adaptive learning tools, the textbook is designed to cater to the diverse learning needs of today’s students, enhancing their understanding of developmental psychology.

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