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If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource to excel in your college algebra course, the “College Algebra 12th Edition” by R. David Gustafson and Jeff Hughes is a must-have. This textbook has been instrumental in helping students master algebraic concepts and develop the mathematical skills necessary for success in other college courses and daily life.

  • ISBN-10: 1305652231
  • ISBN-13: 978-1305652231

With over 400 worked examples, including detailed explanations by the authors, this textbook guides you through the problem-solving process, helping you gain a deeper understanding of algebra and achieve proficiency in the subject.

About the Authors

R. David Gustafson:

R. David Gustafson, a professor emeritus of mathematics at Rock Valley College in Illinois, is a renowned educator who has made significant contributions to the field of algebra. He has co-authored several successful math textbooks, including the Gustafson/Karr/Massey series, and has received numerous accolades for his dedication to teaching and mathematics education.

Jeffrey Hughes:

Jeffrey Hughes, the Curriculum Coordinator of Mathematics at Hinds Community College, brings over 30 years of teaching experience to the table. With a passion for mathematics and a commitment to student learning, Professor Hughes is known for his innovative teaching methods and his ability to engage and inspire students.

Whether you are struggling with algebra or looking to enhance your mathematical skills, the “College Algebra 12th Edition” by Gustafson and Hughes is the perfect companion for your academic journey.


1. Who is the target audience for the “College Algebra 12th Edition”?

The textbook is designed for college students taking algebra courses, whether as a core requirement or elective.

2. What sets this textbook apart from others in the market?

The “College Algebra 12th Edition” stands out for its clear explanations, extensive worked examples, and the expertise of the authors, making complex algebraic concepts more accessible to students.

3. Are there resources available for instructors using this textbook?

Instructors can access supplementary materials, such as solution manuals and test banks, to support their teaching with the “College Algebra 12th Edition.”


In conclusion, the “College Algebra 12th Edition” by R. David Gustafson and Jeff Hughes is a valuable resource for students seeking to enhance their algebra skills and succeed in their college algebra course. With its comprehensive coverage of algebraic concepts, detailed explanations, and proven success in helping students excel, this textbook is a must-have for any student embarking on their algebraic journey.

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