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If you are a student or professional in the field of nursing, specifically community and public health nursing, the textbook “Community and Public Health Nursing, Evidence for Practice 2nd Edition” by Gail A. Harkness and Rosanna DeMarco is a valuable resource to consider. This comprehensive text is designed to help you develop vital critical thinking skills and complex reasoning abilities necessary to make informed decisions in community and public health practice.

Here are some key features of the textbook:

– **ISBN-10:** 1451191316
– **ISBN-13:** 978-1451191318

**Key Highlights:**
– Integration of epidemiology, biostatistics, and core principles of community and public health nursing.
– Case studies in each chapter for real-life application of community health concepts.
– Coverage of health and cultural disparities, with strategies to improve healthcare delivery systems.
– Concrete examples to support nursing practice with statistical data.
– Practice points emphasizing evidence-based practice.
– Chapter highlights, key terms, objectives, and key ideas for effective learning.
– Evidence-for-Practice Briefs providing research-based examples for practice guidance.
– Student perspectives sharing experiences and reflections.
– Critical thinking questions in each chapter to enhance analytical skills.
– Inclusion of Healthy People 2020 information for national health goals.
– Community resources listings for support and information.
– Ethical/legal issue vignettes illustrating unique challenges in public health nursing.
– “How to” boxes outlining specific task completion steps.
– Levels of Prevention boxes demonstrating primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies.

Overall, “Community and Public Health Nursing, Evidence for Practice 2nd Edition” offers a comprehensive and organized approach to understanding the intricacies of community and public health nursing practice, providing valuable insights and tools for healthcare professionals at various stages of their careers.

**FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)**
**1. Is the textbook suitable for both students and professionals in the field of nursing?**
– Yes, the textbook caters to both students studying community and public health nursing as well as professionals looking to enhance their practice in this area.

**2. Are there practical examples provided in the textbook for better understanding of concepts?**
– Yes, the textbook includes case studies, concrete examples, and evidence-for-practice briefs to help readers apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

**3. How does the textbook address cultural disparities in healthcare delivery?**
– The textbook covers health and cultural disparities, offering insights and strategies to address these issues within healthcare delivery systems.

**4. Are there resources included for further exploration of community health topics?**
– Yes, the textbook provides Community Resources sections listing support and information sources available in most communities.

“Community and Public Health Nursing, Evidence for Practice 2nd Edition” is a valuable resource for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of community and public health nursing. With its practical approach, case studies, and diverse content, this textbook serves as a comprehensive guide for students and professionals alike in the field of nursing.

Whether you are looking to enhance your critical thinking skills, gain insights into healthcare disparities, or explore evidence-based practice in nursing, this textbook offers a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance to support your learning and professional development.

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