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If you are looking for a comprehensive understanding of criminological theories, the Test Bank for Criminological Theory: A Brief Introduction 4th Edition by Miller is an excellent resource.

  • ISBN-10: 0133512371
  • ISBN-13: 978-0133512373

This text provides student-friendly examples of all theoretical approaches, emphasizing the complex relationships between 21st-century social structures, cultures, and crime.

Criminological Theory: A Brief Introduction, 4th Edition offers a concise and up-to-date discussion of major criminological schools of thought. It focuses on providing students with a thorough understanding of criminological theories, along with real-life examples and implications for criminal justice policy and practice.

The text covers a range of theories and uses contemporary cultural trends to engage students and enhance their understanding of the subject.

Educating and Learning Experience

This book provides an accessible discussion of the major theories of crime, delinquency, social deviance, and social control in a neutral and objective manner. Some key features include:

  • Expanded Coverage: Detailed yet concise coverage of theory development, analysis, and integration.
  • Grouped Theories: Theories are grouped by type and subtype, showing the historical development of theoretical criminology and the significance of classical statements in contemporary views.
  • Strong Pedagogical Support: Reinforcement of chapter knowledge to ensure mastery of the content.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is included in the Test Bank for Criminological Theory: A Brief Introduction 4th Edition by Miller?

The Test Bank typically includes a collection of exam questions and answers, allowing instructors to create tests and quizzes based on the content of the textbook.

2. How can I purchase the Test Bank for this textbook?

You can usually purchase the Test Bank directly from the publisher, or sometimes through online retailers that specialize in academic resources.

3. Are the examples provided in the book relevant to current societal issues?

Yes, the book uses contemporary cultural trends to illustrate the various theories, making the content relevant and engaging for students.


The Test Bank for Criminological Theory: A Brief Introduction 4th Edition by Miller is a valuable resource for students and instructors interested in gaining a deeper understanding of criminological theories. With its comprehensive coverage and real-life examples, this text helps bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field of criminal justice.

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