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If you are looking for a comprehensive resource to enhance your understanding of different cultures around the world, “Cultural Anthropology” by Serena Nanda in its 11th edition offers a valuable insight. This test bank provides a range of questions to help reinforce your knowledge and critical thinking skills in the field of anthropology.

  • ISBN-10: 1133948685
  • ISBN-13: 978-1133948681

About the Book:

The book offers a detailed exploration of various cultures worldwide, focusing on key issues such as power dynamics, gender roles, social stratification, and ethnicity. The content is supplemented with features and educational tools designed to engage students and encourage them to take a keen interest in the global landscape they inhabit.

About the Author:

Serena Nanda, a professor emeritus of anthropology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, has a rich portfolio of published works that delve into the intricacies of human diversity. Her passion for understanding and celebrating human differences shines through in her writing and teaching.

Author’s Background:

Richard L. Warms, another distinguished anthropologist and professor, contributes to the field with his expertise in anthropological theory and cultural exploration. His extensive research and teaching experience bring a unique perspective to the study of anthropology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is this test bank suitable for students of cultural anthropology?

Yes, this test bank is specifically designed to support students in enhancing their understanding of cultural anthropology.

2. How can this test bank help in preparing for exams?

The test bank offers a range of questions that cover key concepts and topics in cultural anthropology, aiding students in their exam preparation.

3. Are there answer keys provided along with the questions?

Typically, test banks come with answer keys that allow students to check their responses and assess their understanding of the material.


With its comprehensive coverage of cultural anthropology and engaging pedagogical features, “Cultural Anthropology” by Serena Nanda in its 11th edition is a valuable resource for students and enthusiasts of anthropology. The book’s emphasis on critical thinking and understanding of diverse cultures makes it a must-have for anyone interested in the study of human societies and behaviors.

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