Essentials of Genetics 9th Edition By William S. Klug – Test Bank


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The “Essentials of Genetics 9th Edition” by William S. Klug is a comprehensive test bank designed for introductory genetics courses. Here are some key details about this resource:

  • ISBN-10: 0134047796
  • ISBN-13: 978-0134047799

This edition is known for its emphasis on conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and practical applications in genetics. It covers essential genetic topics that are crucial for students to grasp. The 9th Edition provides a brief yet comprehensive coverage of core concepts and includes updated content on emerging genetic subjects.

The accompanying MasteringGenetics online homework and assessment system has been enhanced with additional practice problems and increased assignable end-of-chapter questions. This platform offers students over 100 practice problems and interactive tutorials to strengthen their understanding of genetics principles.

– Emphasis on conceptual understanding and problem-solving
– Updated content on emerging topics in genetics
– Enhanced online homework and assessment system with additional practice problems
– Interactive tutorials to guide students through complex genetic concepts

This edition is available with MasteringGenetics, an online program that offers tutorials, hints, and feedback to help students navigate challenging genetics topics. Instructors can assign pre-lecture quizzes, end-of-chapter problems, practice questions, and test bank assessments that are automatically graded and recorded in the Mastering gradebook.

For a more comprehensive study experience, students can opt for the bundle that includes the physical textbook along with the MasteringGenetics access card.


Q: Is the MasteringGenetics access included with the purchase of the test bank?
A: No, the MasteringGenetics access is not included with the standalone test bank purchase. It needs to be purchased separately or as part of a bundle.

Q: How many practice problems are available in the MasteringGenetics online system?
A: The MasteringGenetics system offers over 100 practice problems to help students reinforce their understanding of genetics concepts.

Q: Can instructors track student progress and performance using MasteringGenetics?
A: Yes, instructors can monitor student performance, assign assessments, and review graded assignments through the Mastering gradebook.


The “Essentials of Genetics 9th Edition By William S. Klug – Test Bank” is a valuable resource for students and instructors in introductory genetics courses. With its focus on conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and practical applications, this test bank helps students develop a strong foundation in genetics. The updated content and enhanced online resources make it a comprehensive tool for learning and assessment in the field of genetics.

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