MIS 5th Edition by Hossein Bidgoli -Test Bank


**MIS 5th Edition by Hossein Bidgoli – Test Bank**

If you are looking for a comprehensive resource to enhance your understanding of Management Information Systems (MIS), the 5th Edition by Hossein Bidgoli Test Bank is a valuable tool to consider. With an ISBN-10 of 1285836456 and ISBN-13 of 9781285836454, this test bank offers a range of benefits for both students and instructors.

**About the Title**

Created with a “student-tested, faculty-approved” approach, MIS 5th Edition provides a visually engaging print component, tear-out study cards for students and instructors, and an online platform through Course Mate. This online resource includes an eBook and interactive tools, all available at an affordable price. The content is designed to enhance retention and improve academic outcomes.

**About the Author**

Hossein Bidgoli, Ph.D., is a professor of Management Information Systems at California State University. With a wealth of experience in the field, Dr. Bidgoli has contributed significantly to the study of computer applications, information systems, network security, e-commerce, and decision support systems. He has authored numerous textbooks, manuals, technical articles, and papers that have been published globally. Dr. Bidgoli also serves as the editor-in-chief of several technology-related publications, further highlighting his expertise in the field.


**Q: What is included in the MIS 5th Edition Test Bank by Hossein Bidgoli?**
A: The test bank includes a visually appealing print component, tear-out study cards, and access to an online platform with interactive tools and an eBook.

**Q: How can the MIS 5th Edition Test Bank help students and instructors?**
A: The test bank is designed to enhance student retention and improve academic outcomes by providing a comprehensive and engaging resource for studying MIS.

**Q: Is the MIS 5th Edition Test Bank cost-effective?**
A: Yes, the MIS 5th Edition Test Bank offers value-based pricing, making it an affordable option for students and instructors.


In conclusion, the MIS 5th Edition Test Bank by Hossein Bidgoli is a valuable resource for anyone studying or teaching Management Information Systems. With its innovative approach to learning, comprehensive content, and affordable pricing, this test bank is an excellent investment for those looking to excel in the field of MIS.

Overall, the MIS 5th Edition Test Bank is a recommended resource for anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Management Information Systems.

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