Organic Chemistry 9Th ed by Francis Carey – Test Bank


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Test Bank For Organic Chemistry 9th Edition by Francis Carey – Test Bank

  • ISBN-10: 0073402745
  • ISBN-13: 978-0073402741

A Market Main, Conventional Strategy to Organic Chemistry

For 9 editions, Organic Chemistry has been designed to satisfy the wants of the “mainstream,” two-semester, undergraduate natural chemistry course. This greatest-promoting textual content provides college students a stable understanding of natural chemistry by stressing how basic response mechanisms operate and reactions happen.

About the Author

Francis A. Carey is a native of Pennsylvania, educated in the public schools of Philadelphia, at Drexel University (B.S. in chemistry, 1959), and at Penn State (Ph.D. 1963). Following postdoctoral work at Harvard and military service, he was appointed to the chemistry faculty of the University of Virginia in 1966. Prior to retiring in 2000, he regularly taught the 2-semester lecture courses in general chemistry and organic chemistry.

With his students, Professor Carey has published over forty research papers in synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry. In addition to this text, he is coauthor (with Robert C. Atkins) of Organic Chemistry: A Brief Course and (with Richard J. Sundberg) of Advanced Organic Chemistry, a two-volume treatment designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. He was a member of the Committee of Examiners of The Graduate Record Examination in Chemistry from 1993-2000.

Frank and his wife Jill, who is a teacher/director of a preschool and a church organist, are the parents of Andy, Bob, and Bill and the grandparents of Riyad and Ava.

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1. What topics are covered in the Organic Chemistry 9th Edition by Francis Carey – Test Bank?

The test bank covers a wide range of topics in organic chemistry, including fundamental reaction mechanisms, organic reactions, and key concepts in the field.

2. Is the test bank suitable for undergraduate students?

Yes, the test bank is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students taking a two-semester organic chemistry course.

3. How can I purchase the Organic Chemistry 9th Edition Test Bank by Francis Carey?

The test bank can typically be purchased through academic bookstores, online retailers, or directly from the publisher’s website.


The Organic Chemistry 9th Edition by Francis Carey – Test Bank provides a comprehensive resource for students studying organic chemistry. With a focus on fundamental concepts and reaction mechanisms, this test bank is a valuable tool for enhancing understanding and preparing for exams in the field of organic chemistry.

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