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Physical Geology 16th Edition by Charles (Carlos) Plummer is a comprehensive resource that has been a standard introductory text for over 25 years. This latest edition offers accessible writing style and in-depth coverage of fundamental physical geology concepts, making it an essential resource for students taking introductory courses or considering a career in geology.

Chapter 11: Groundwater

1) The amount of current water stored in oceans is many times larger than the amount of groundwater.
Answer: FALSE

2) Groundwater is a significant economic resource.
Answer: TRUE

3) Gravel has both high porosity and excellent permeability.
Answer: TRUE

4) The velocity of groundwater movement tends to decrease with depth due to sedimentary rock pores being closed by cement and overlying rock weight.
Answer: TRUE

5) The saturated zone underlies the water table.
Answer: FALSE

6) The capillary fringe is thicker in fine-grained sediments and thinner in coarse-grained sediments.
Answer: TRUE

7) Groundwater generally moves slower compared to water in streams.
Answer: TRUE

8) Water in the upper part of the saturated zone tends to move downwards following the slope of the water table.
Answer: TRUE

9) The speed of groundwater flow depends partly on the permeability of the sediment it passes through.
Answer: TRUE

10) Sandstones and gravels are not the only aquifers; other rocks can also be useful.
Answer: FALSE


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Physical Geology 16th Edition Test Bank by Charles (Carlos) Plummer is a valuable resource for students studying introductory physical geology. With its detailed coverage of essential concepts and accompanying study tools, this Test Bank can aid students in mastering the principles of geology. Whether preparing for exams or seeking to deepen their understanding, this resource is a useful companion to the main textbook.

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