A Course in Real Analysis


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Real analysis is a fundamental branch of mathematics that focuses on the study of real numbers and their properties. A course in real analysis provides students with a rigorous treatment of calculus at an advanced undergraduate level. One such textbook that covers this subject in-depth is “A Course in Real Analysis“.

The book covers a range of topics in a structured manner, starting with the calculus of functions of one variable. Traditional concepts like sequences, continuity, differentiability, and integrability are extensively covered. Optional sections delve into more advanced topics such as Stirling’s formula, Riemann–Stieltjes integration, and functions of bounded variation.

The second part of the text shifts the focus to functions of multiple variables. It introduces key topological concepts necessary for understanding analytical properties of multivariable functions. Discussions on differentiability, integrability, and the theory of differential forms on surfaces in Rn are included.

To aid in comprehension, the book also includes appendices on set theory and linear algebra, along with solutions to select exercises. Instructors have access to a full solutions manual with detailed answers to all qualifying exercises.

Featuring clear proofs, detailed examples, and a variety of exercises, this textbook offers a comprehensive treatment of real analysis. The progression from single-variable to multivariable functions ensures that students are well-prepared for more advanced, research-based courses in the subject.


What is real analysis?

Real analysis is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of real numbers and the properties of functions defined on them. It includes topics such as limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, and sequences.

Who can benefit from studying real analysis?

Students studying mathematics, physics, engineering, and other related fields can benefit from studying real analysis. It provides a deep understanding of foundational concepts and analytical techniques that are widely applicable in various disciplines.

Is “A Course in Real Analysis” suitable for self-study?

While the textbook is primarily designed for classroom use in an undergraduate course, motivated individuals with a strong mathematical background can also use it for self-study. The clear explanations, examples, and exercises make it accessible for independent learners.


“A Course in Real Analysis” is a comprehensive textbook that covers essential topics in real analysis with clarity and depth. It serves as a valuable resource for students and instructors looking to deepen their understanding of calculus and its applications. By providing a logical progression from single-variable to multivariable functions, the book equips students with the necessary knowledge for advanced mathematical studies.

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