A Guide to Basic Econometric Techniques, 2nd Edition


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If you are looking to understand the fundamentals of econometrics, the 2nd edition of “Basic Econometric Techniques” is a valuable resource to consider. Written as a supplementary text for introductory econometrics courses, this edition includes two additional chapters on financial forecasting, making it a comprehensive tool for learning and applying econometric principles.

Here are some key details about this edition:

  • ISBN-10: 9780765644770
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765644770
  • Edition: 2nd Edition

The book’s online supplements offer a range of resources, including PowerPoint presentations for teaching, solutions to test questions, new instructor questions, and downloadable software programs with datasets.

If you are interested in delving into the world of econometrics and enhancing your understanding of economic forecasting, this book can serve as a valuable companion to your studies.


What is econometrics?

Econometrics is a branch of economics that applies mathematical and statistical methods to analyze and interpret economic data. It aims to test and quantify economic theories and forecast future trends.

Who can benefit from studying basic econometric techniques?

Students of economics, finance, statistics, and related fields can benefit from studying basic econometric techniques. Professionals working in industries that require data analysis and forecasting also find these techniques highly valuable.

How can I make the most of the online supplements provided with the book?

Utilize the teaching PowerPoints for a better understanding of key concepts, practice solving the test questions and problems with provided solutions, engage with the new instructor questions to deepen your knowledge, and explore the software programs with downloadable datasets to apply what you’ve learned.


The 2nd edition of “Basic Econometric Techniques” offers a comprehensive overview of econometric principles with a focus on financial forecasting. Whether you are a student embarking on your econometrics journey or a professional looking to enhance your data analysis skills, this book can be a useful companion in understanding and applying basic econometric techniques.


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