A MatLab® Companion to Complex Variables


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For students delving into the intricacies of complex variable theory and those already familiar with advanced calculus, having a companion resource that combines theory with practical application can be invaluable. A MATLAB® Companion to Complex Variables serves as a bridge between complex variable theory and MATLAB programming, enhancing the learning experience and reinforcing knowledge in this specialized area of mathematics.

Engineered to meet the standards set by ABET for proficiency in programming languages like MATLAB®, this supplemental text aligns with the requirements of engineering programs. By integrating MATLAB exercises into complex variables courses, instructors can elevate the educational journey for students and facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The book not only elucidates the utility of MATLAB in complex variable calculus but also complements traditional textbooks by providing a repository of MATLAB programming challenges that can bolster students’ comprehension and mastery of the language and concepts inherent in complex variable theory.

By showcasing how MATLAB can aid in grasping fundamental concepts like conformal mapping, infinite series, contour integration, and transforms such as Laplace and Fourier, A MATLAB® Companion to Complex Variables equips students with a tool to explore complex variables in a practical and hands-on manner. Each chapter is replete with examples and MATLAB code, enriching the learning process and reinforcing theoretical concepts.

Furthermore, the book delves into the intriguing realm of fractals, a contemporary topic intertwined with complex variables that necessitates the use of MATLAB for exploration and visualization. The inclusion of a dedicated section on fractals underscores the versatility and applicability of MATLAB in cutting-edge mathematical discussions.

While MATLAB is a powerful tool, it comes with its own set of challenges and idiosyncrasies, especially when applied to the intricate calculus of complex variable theory. Familiarizing oneself with these nuances is crucial to avoid critical errors when utilizing MATLAB for problem-solving in complex variable theory. This book serves as a guide, highlighting potential pitfalls and providing insights to navigate the complexities of MATLAB within the context of complex variables.


1. Who can benefit from using this book?

This book is ideal for students studying complex variable theory and seeking to enhance their understanding through practical MATLAB applications. It also caters to instructors looking to integrate MATLAB components into their courses.

2. Is prior experience with MATLAB required?

While prior experience with MATLAB is beneficial, the book is designed to be accessible to both beginners and those familiar with the language, providing a comprehensive guide to utilizing MATLAB in the context of complex variables.


A MATLAB® Companion to Complex Variables is a valuable resource for students and instructors alike, offering a unique approach to learning and teaching complex variable theory through practical MATLAB exercises. By combining theoretical concepts with hands-on programming challenges, this book enriches the educational experience and equips learners with the tools to navigate the complexities of complex variables with confidence.

Whether delving into the traditional aspects of complex variable theory or exploring contemporary topics like fractals, the integration of MATLAB elevates the learning process and fosters a deeper understanding of this fascinating branch of mathematics.

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