Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations, 12th Edition Ann Tritak-Elmiger


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Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations, 12th Edition by Ann Tritak-Elmiger is a trusted resource in the field of drug calculations. This edition is known for its practical approach to solving medication dosage problems and includes unique features like a “proof” step in the answer key to help users avoid errors. It emphasizes critical thinking, clinical judgment, and patient safety when calculating drug dosages.

Key Features of the Book:
– Over 1,100 ratio and proportion problems for extensive practice.
– Step-by-step problem-solving format with a unique “proof” step in the answer key.
– End-of-chapter practice tools including worksheets, multiple-choice questions, critical thinking exercises, and answer keys.
– Safe Medication Administration chapter to prevent errors and understand drug labels and administration forms.
– Medical Alerts to highlight common drug calculation errors.
– Full-color drug labels and equipment illustrations for a realistic view of medication administration.

New Edition Highlights:
– Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)-style questions in select chapters with answer keys and rationales.
– Coverage of the 2020 Hospital National Patient Safety Goals related to patient identification, safe medication use, and infection prevention.
– Updated drug information throughout the book to reflect current practice.
– Updated vocabulary definitions with the latest terms and advancements in drug administration.

This book is a valuable resource for healthcare students, nurses, and other medical professionals who need to master drug calculation skills for safe medication administration.


**1. Who is the author of Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations, 12th Edition?**
The author of the 12th edition of Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations is Ann Tritak-Elmiger.

**2. What sets this edition apart from previous editions?**
This edition includes new features such as Next Generation NCLEX-style questions, updated drug information, and coverage of the 2020 Hospital National Patient Safety Goals.

**3. Is this book suitable for nursing students?**
Yes, this book is suitable for nursing students, as well as other healthcare professionals who need to practice and improve their drug calculation skills.

**4. How can the “proof” step in the answer key help users?**
The “proof” step in the answer key allows users to double-check their solutions, reducing the chances of medication errors.


Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations, 12th Edition provides a comprehensive and practical approach to mastering drug calculations. With a focus on patient safety, critical thinking, and extensive practice problems, this book is an essential resource for anyone involved in medication administration in a healthcare setting. Stay up-to-date with the latest drug information and enhance your drug calculation skills with this trusted textbook.

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