Business Law A Graphical Approach Lawrence Hsieh


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Business Law A Graphical Approach by Lawrence Hsieh is a modern textbook that offers clear explanations of legal concepts accompanied by a variety of engaging infographics. These visual aids help to analyze, contrast, and reinforce legal principles in a way that is both educational and visually appealing.

Some key advantages of this textbook include:

  • Logical reasoning and infographics such as flowcharts, timelines, figures, and graphs that help students grasp the logical foundations of business law.
  • Examples throughout the text that enhance understanding and demonstrate how the law is applied in real-world scenarios.
  • Carefully selected excerpts from actual cases to provide practical insights into legal interpretations and decisions.
  • Self-test assessments and exam preparation questions to aid students in reinforcing their understanding and preparing for assessments.

By combining textual content with visual aids, “Business Law: A Graphical Approach” offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to learning business law.

FAQs about “Business Law: A Graphical Approach”

What makes “Business Law: A Graphical Approach” unique?

“Business Law: A Graphical Approach” is unique in its use of infographics to present legal concepts in a visually engaging manner, making it easier for students to understand complex legal principles.

How can students benefit from using this textbook?

Students can benefit from the logical reasoning and visual aids provided in the book, which help to reinforce understanding of business law concepts and their practical applications.


“Business Law: A Graphical Approach” by Lawrence Hsieh offers a fresh perspective on learning business law through a combination of clear explanations and visually stimulating infographics. This approach not only enhances understanding but also makes the study of business law more engaging and accessible to students.

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