California Family Law for Paralegals, Seventh Edition Marshall W. Waller


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California Family Law for Paralegals, Seventh Edition by Marshall W. Waller is a comprehensive resource focusing on the California Family Code. It integrates statutory law and judicial interpretations into a cohesive discussion covering all aspects of the state’s family law. This book is designed to teach the fundamentals to paralegal students with a practical and straightforward approach, setting it apart from other California law books.

Key Highlights of California Family Law for Paralegals:

1. **Focused Content**: Centered on the California Family Code, providing in-depth coverage of relevant laws and interpretations.

2. **Practical Approach**: Designed to educate paralegal students on the basics of family law in California.

3. **Judicial Forms**: Includes examples of essential Judicial Council forms used in family law practice in California.

4. **Effective Pedagogy**: Features like Chapter Overviews, Summaries, exercises, Key Phrases, and a glossary enhance the learning experience.

5. **Comprehensive Coverage**: Explores key topics and developments in the ever-evolving field of family law.

The updated Sixth Edition reflects significant changes in the law, incorporating new cases and statutes, including the impact of the California State Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. All forms within the book have been thoroughly updated. Additionally, there is a new section discussing how technology can enhance the practice of family law.

For those studying or practicing family law in California, California Family Law for Paralegals serves as a valuable resource, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications essential for success in this area of legal practice.

### FAQ

**1. How does this book differ from other resources on California family law?**
California Family Law for Paralegals stands out due to its practical approach, comprehensive coverage of the California Family Code, and effective pedagogical features.

**2. Is this book suitable for individuals studying to become paralegals in California?**
Yes, this book is designed to teach the fundamentals of family law to paralegal students in the context of California’s legal system.

**3. Are the forms and examples in this book up to date with the latest legal changes?**
Yes, the book’s Sixth Edition has been revised to reflect recent developments in California family law, ensuring that all forms and examples are current.

**4. How can technology enhance family law practice as discussed in this book?**
The book explores the role of technology in making family law practice more effective, providing insights into utilizing modern tools and resources in legal practice.

### Conclusion

California Family Law for Paralegals, Seventh Edition by Marshall W. Waller offers a thorough examination of family law within the context of California’s legal framework. With its practical approach, updated content, and comprehensive coverage, this book serves as an indispensable resource for paralegal students and professionals involved in family law matters in the state of California.

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