California Property Law for Paralegals D. Patrick O’Laughlin


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**California Property Law for Paralegals by D. Patrick O’Laughlin**

“California Property Law for Paralegals” by D. Patrick O’Laughlin is a comprehensive textbook designed specifically for paralegal students. It offers practical problem-solving exercises, ethical discussions, and tools to help students grasp the intricacies of property law in California. The book is structured to engage both students and instructors through various features such as practical exercises, ethical scenarios, and case studies.

Moreover, this textbook integrates online resources through CasebookConnect, providing students with lifetime access to the online book, highlighting, annotation, and search functions. This enables a richer learning experience and better understanding of the complex concepts in California property law.

Key Features of the Textbook:
1. Practical problem-solving exercises and hypothetical scenarios.
2. Ethical discussions to prepare students for real-world legal practice.
3. Option for students to draft assignments in IRAC form for workplace readiness.
4. Chapter reviews with essential terms, concepts, definitions, and questions.
5. Special features like “Select for a Day,” “The Client Comes Calling,” “Sharpening the Saw,” and “Out of the Ivory Tower” to engage students in practical application of legal principles.

This textbook is an invaluable resource for paralegal students studying property law in California, providing a well-organized and engaging approach to learning complex legal concepts.

### FAQ

**1. Is this textbook suitable for paralegal students outside of California?**
While the textbook focuses on California property law, the foundational principles covered may be applicable in other jurisdictions. However, students outside of California may benefit more from a textbook tailored to their specific state laws.

**2. Are there online resources available with the textbook?**
Yes, CasebookConnect provides online resources including a linked eBook, highlighting, annotation, and search capabilities to enhance the learning experience for students.

**3. Can instructors use this textbook for interactive classroom activities?**
Absolutely, the textbook includes features like practical exercises, ethical scenarios, and case studies that can be used for classroom discussions, mock trials, and problem-solving activities.

### Conclusion

“California Property Law for Paralegals” by D. Patrick O’Laughlin is a comprehensive and practical textbook that caters specifically to the needs of paralegal students studying California property law. With engaging content, ethical discussions, and online resources, this textbook is a valuable asset for those looking to deepen their understanding of property law in the state of California.

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