Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering 2nd Edition


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Computers have become an integral part of modern chemical engineering processes, and understanding both the software programs and the fundamental principles behind them is crucial for success in the field. The second edition of Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering offers a comprehensive overview of the most widely used simulation software and the underlying theory. This edition covers a range of topics including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, reactor design, and computer applications in chemical engineering.

Key features of the book include:

  • Explanation of the tasks performed by chemical engineers
  • Theoretical background of major chemical engineering unit operations
  • Simulation of chemical processes using software programs
  • Manual and software-assisted sizing of chemical process equipment
  • Comparison of experimental data
  • Solving linear and nonlinear algebraic equations as well as ordinary differential equations

Each chapter includes theoretical descriptions, examples solved manually and through computer simulation using popular software like Hysys/UniSim, PRO/II, Aspen Plus, and SuperPro Designer. The book is designed to meet Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) standards, providing students and professionals with the tools to address real-world problems related to thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and more.

This new edition features updated content, including examples simulated with current software programs, correlation of fluid package data with numerical problems, and additional resources such as a solutions manual, PowerPoint slides, video guides, and UniSim program files.

Whether you are a student looking to gain a deeper understanding of chemical engineering principles or a professional seeking to enhance your knowledge and skills, Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering serves as an invaluable resource for anyone in the field.


1. Are solutions to the exercises provided in the book?

Yes, the book includes exercise solutions for students to check their understanding and learn from worked examples.

2. What software programs are covered in the book for simulation purposes?

Popular software programs like Hysys/UniSim, PRO/II, Aspen Plus, and SuperPro Designer are used for simulation exercises in the book.

3. Is the book suitable for both students and professionals in the chemical engineering field?

Yes, the book caters to both students looking to learn fundamental concepts and professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field.


Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive understanding of the essential principles and software applications in chemical engineering. With a focus on simulation, theory, and practical problem-solving, this book equips readers with the tools needed to navigate complex engineering challenges. Whether you are a student or a professional in the field, this book is a valuable resource for expanding your knowledge and skills in chemical engineering.


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