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“Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, & Management, 9th Edition” by Barbara Cherry and Susan R. Jacob is a comprehensive guide that prepares nursing professionals for the dynamic landscape of healthcare today. From nursing theories to ethical dilemmas, quality improvement to career opportunities, this edition covers a wide range of essential topics crucial for modern nursing practice.

Key Features of the 9th Edition:

  • Vignettes at the beginning of each chapter personalize nursing practice.
  • Full-color illustrations and design make concepts visually appealing.
  • Case studies help apply theory to clinical practice.
  • Colorful cartoons bring chapter themes to life.
  • Key terms, learning outcomes, and chapter overviews aid in organizing study.
  • Professional/Ethical Challenges in each chapter test critical thinking skills.

Updates and Additions in the 9th Edition:

  • New information on COVID-19 preparedness, legal issues, and ethical dilemmas.
  • Focus on developing clinical judgment skills.
  • Additional coverage of nursing theories in practice.
  • Updated content on delegation, supervision, and contemporary healthcare issues.
  • Inclusion of CBD oil, legalization of marijuana, and other relevant topics.

ISBN Information:

  • ISBN-10: 0323776876
  • ISBN-13: 978-0323776875

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who are the authors of “Contemporary Nursing”?

The book is written by Barbara Cherry and Susan R. Jacob.

2. How can this book help me in my nursing career?

This book covers essential topics that are crucial for your nursing practice, NCLEX-RN exam preparation, and effective leadership and management in the healthcare setting.

3. Are there any new additions in the 9th edition?

Yes, the 9th edition includes updated content on COVID-19, clinical judgment, nursing theories, delegation, supervision, and other contemporary healthcare issues.


The 9th edition of “Contemporary Nursing” continues to be a valuable resource for nursing professionals, students, and educators. With its comprehensive coverage of key topics, engaging visuals, and practical case studies, this edition equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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