Crime and Criminology, Fifteenth Edition Sue Titus Reid


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If you are interested in delving into the complex and fascinating world of crime and criminology, the fifteenth edition of “Crime and Criminology” by Sue Titus Reid is a must-read. This edition offers a comprehensive exploration of the subject, combining social science and legal analysis to provide a thorough understanding of the intricate dynamics of criminal behavior and justice systems.

Key Features:

Here are some key features that make “Crime and Criminology, Fifteenth Edition” a valuable resource for students and enthusiasts alike:

  • An effective balance of social science and legal research.
  • Media Focus and Global Focus boxes that contextualize theories with discussions of current real-life events.
  • Student-friendly chapter outlines, summaries, key terms, presentations, study questions, and web assignments.
  • Case excerpts and supplementary materials organized to enhance the book’s flexibility for various class structures.
  • New content on emerging topics such as medical marijuana, mental illness, cybercrime, crimes involving law enforcement, and the influence of gender and race on sentencing decisions.

ISBN Information:

ISBN-10: 1454894466

ISBN-13: 978-1454894469


1. Who is the author of “Crime and Criminology, Fifteenth Edition”?

The author of this book is Sue Titus Reid.

2. What are some of the new topics covered in the fifteenth edition?

The new topics covered in this edition include medical marijuana, mental illness, cybercrime, crimes involving and against the police, and the impact of gender and race in sentencing decisions.

3. What sets this edition apart from previous ones?

This edition maintains a distinctive blend of social science and legal research, providing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to understanding crime and criminology in today’s context. The inclusion of case excerpts, media focus, global focus boxes, and student-friendly features enhances the learning experience.


Crime and criminology are complex fields that require a nuanced and interdisciplinary approach for a comprehensive understanding. “Crime and Criminology, Fifteenth Edition” by Sue Titus Reid offers a valuable resource for students, practitioners, and enthusiasts looking to explore the intricate dynamics of criminal behavior and justice systems. With its updated content and insightful analysis, this edition is a key resource for anyone interested in unraveling the mysteries of crime and its impact on society.

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