Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society 8th Edition Charles F. Levinthal


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Delve into the fascinating world of drugs, behavior, and modern society with the 8th Edition of Charles F. Levinthal’s insightful book. This edition provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of drug-taking behavior on society and daily life. It offers a unique perspective on the use and abuse of both licit and illicit drugs, encompassing historical, biological, psychological, and sociological viewpoints.

In today’s society, the use of drugs poses a social paradox, where they can offer both benefits and disadvantages. This text highlights the dual nature of drugs, showcasing how they can be a source of both good and harm for individuals and society as a whole. Notably, the book shines a light on two often overlooked aspects of drug-taking behavior – steroid abuse and inhalant abuse.

Available in various formats including digital and print, this edition from Pearson is accessible through platforms like CourseSmart and Amazon, catering to the preferences of modern-day students. The text’s focus on psychoactive drugs sets it apart, providing a deep dive into this complex subject.

Studying Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of drug use on behavior and society.
  • Explore the pros and cons of drug use.


1. Where can I purchase the 8th Edition of Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society?

You can find the 8th Edition of Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society on platforms like CourseSmart and Amazon. It is available in both digital and print formats for your convenience.

2. What makes this edition unique compared to previous versions?

This edition offers a fresh perspective on drug-taking behavior, shedding light on steroid abuse and inhalant abuse, which are often overlooked in other texts. It also provides a comprehensive overview of psychoactive drugs, making it a valuable resource for students and researchers.

3. How can reading this book benefit me?

By reading this book, you will gain a deeper understanding of how drug use influences behavior and society. You will also learn about the complexities and nuances of drug-taking behavior, equipping you with valuable insights into this pervasive aspect of modern society.


The 8th Edition of Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society by Charles F. Levinthal offers a thought-provoking exploration of the role of drugs in society. Through its comprehensive analysis and unique perspective, this book provides valuable insights into the impact of drug-taking behavior on individuals and communities. Whether you are a student, researcher, or simply interested in understanding this complex subject, this edition is sure to enrich your knowledge and broaden your perspective on drugs and society.

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