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Ethics & Business: An Integrated Method for Business and Personal Success is a comprehensive textbook that equips students with the practical knowledge and skills to identify ethical dilemmas, understand ethical behavior in themselves and others, and advocate for ethical conduct within their organization. The course delves into three key ethical questions: the individual, the organization, and the societal perspective, exploring various aspects of business ethics such as the responsible use of power, challenges to honesty and integrity, and engagement in ethical interventions like reporting, restitution, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Unlike traditional business ethics courses that often focus on a singular viewpoint, this book takes a more holistic approach. Drawing from philosophical theories, principles of organizational behavior, and legal and regulatory compliance frameworks, the authors present a unified perspective on ethics. The integration of unique content, original videos, and adaptable case studies facilitates students in navigating ethical dilemmas in both their professional and personal lives.

ISBN-13: 978-1119711025


1. What is the primary focus of Ethics & Business: An Integrated Approach?

The primary focus of the textbook is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to address ethical challenges in business settings and promote ethical behavior.

2. How does this book differ from traditional business ethics courses?

Unlike traditional courses that may be limited to one perspective, this book integrates philosophical, organizational, and legal viewpoints to offer a comprehensive understanding of ethics in business.

3. What resources are available to support students using this textbook?

Students have access to unique content, original videos, and adaptable case studies that aid in applying ethical principles to real-world situations.


Ethics & Business: An Integrated Approach provides a comprehensive and practical approach to understanding and practicing ethics in the business world. By combining various viewpoints and incorporating interactive resources, the textbook equips students with the tools necessary to make ethical decisions and foster a culture of integrity within organizations.

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