Family Focused Nursing Care 1st Edition By Sharon A. Denham


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Family-focused nursing care is a crucial aspect of healthcare, emphasizing the involvement of families in the care process. The “Family Focused Nursing Care 1st Edition” by Sharon A. Denham is a valuable resource for nurses looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area. This book provides insights into transitioning from individualized care to a more family-centric approach, aligning with the evolving healthcare landscape where family involvement is increasingly recognized as beneficial.

**ISBN-10:** 0803629109
**ISBN-13:** 978-0803629103

Nurses play a significant role in advocating for family-focused care, resonating with the principles set forth by the Institute of Medicine. In today’s healthcare environment, families are seeking to have their voices heard and preferences considered when it comes to their loved ones’ care. However, finding comprehensive and evidence-based resources on family-focused nursing can be challenging.

The “Family Focused Nursing Care 1st Edition” aims to address this gap by providing the latest educational tools and strategies to empower nurses in delivering patient-centered care that encompasses the entire family unit. By incorporating family perspectives and preferences into the nursing process, healthcare professionals can create a more holistic and effective care experience for patients and their families.


**Q: Where can I find the “Family Focused Nursing Care 1st Edition” by Sharon A. Denham?**
A: The book may be available for purchase or rental at online bookstores, university bookshops, or through the publisher’s official website.

**Q: What topics are covered in the book?**
A: The book covers a range of topics related to family-focused nursing care, including the importance of family involvement, strategies for implementing family-centric care, and evidence-based practices in family nursing.

**Q: Is this book suitable for nursing students and practicing nurses?**
A: Yes, this book is designed to benefit both nursing students seeking to enhance their understanding of family-focused care and practicing nurses looking to improve their skills in this area.


In conclusion, the “Family Focused Nursing Care 1st Edition” offers a comprehensive and contemporary resource for healthcare professionals interested in advancing their knowledge of family-focused nursing care. By embracing a family-centric approach, nurses can better support patients and their families throughout the care journey, ultimately enhancing the quality of care and patient outcomes. This book serves as a valuable tool for nurses seeking to deliver more personalized and inclusive care to meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare practices.

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