Financial & Managerial Accounting 13e Carl Warren James M Reeve Jonathan Duchac


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Are you looking for a comprehensive resource for Financial & Managerial Accounting? Look no further than the 13th edition of “Financial & Managerial Accounting” by Carl Warren, James M. Reeve, and Jonathan Duchac. This edition is designed to help students bridge the gap between homework and exam performance, with a focus on motivation, mastery, and innovation.

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ISBN-10: 9781285868806
ISBN-13: 978-1285868806

Book Description:
The 13th edition of Managerial Accounting by Warren, Reeve, and Duchac offers a cutting-edge approach that caters to the evolving needs of today’s educational environment. This book, available with CengageNOWv2, engages students at every stage of the learning process from motivation to mastery. The integrated system in this book encourages critical thinking, provides ample practice opportunities for exam preparation, and equips students with the tools needed to make meaningful connections and grasp the bigger picture.

If you are a student or instructor in the field of Financial & Managerial Accounting, this book is a valuable asset to enhance your understanding and academic performance.


**Q: Is this book suitable for beginners in accounting?**
A: Yes, this book is designed to cater to learners at various levels, including beginners. It provides a structured approach to understanding Financial & Managerial Accounting concepts.

**Q: Are there practice questions in the book to help with exam preparation?**
A: Yes, the book offers practice opportunities to help students prepare effectively for exams and enhance their comprehension of the material.

**Q: Can instructors access additional resources with this book?**
A: Yes, instructors may have access to supplementary materials and resources to aid in teaching the subject matter effectively.

**Q: Is the content in this book up-to-date with current accounting practices?**
A: The authors of this book strive to incorporate the latest industry practices and standards, making the content relevant and current.


The 13th edition of “Financial & Managerial Accounting” by Carl Warren, James M. Reeve, and Jonathan Duchac is a comprehensive and innovative resource for students and instructors in the field of accounting. With its focus on motivation, practice, and mastery, this book is designed to enhance learning outcomes and help students succeed in their academic endeavors. Whether you are new to accounting or seeking advanced knowledge, this book is a valuable companion in your educational journey.

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