Human Resources in Healthcare Managing for Success, 4th edition Fried


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Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success, Fourth Edition by Fried is a comprehensive guide that delves into the efficient management of individuals, which is considered the most critical asset in the healthcare industry. The book offers essential concepts and practical tools necessary to tackle the unique challenges faced in today’s healthcare landscape.

This latest edition has undergone significant updates and includes the following new content:

  • An expanded chapter on employment law and employee relations
  • A new chapter on credentialing of healthcare providers
  • An updated section on staff recruitment, selection, and retention practices
  • An extended coverage on performance management, including addressing workplace bullying
  • A new chapter on workforce planning in a rapidly evolving healthcare system
  • A fresh chapter on nurse staffing in healthcare organizations
  • New problem-based learning cases to enhance student engagement and learning comprehension
  • Updated short cases, discussion questions, and exercises throughout the book


What is the main focus of the book “Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success”?

The main focus of the book is on the effective management of human resources in the healthcare sector, providing insights and practical tools to navigate the specific challenges faced in this industry.

What are some of the new additions in the 4th edition of the book?

The 4th edition includes expanded chapters on employment law, credentialing of healthcare providers, workforce planning, and nurse staffing. It also covers updated content on recruitment, selection, retention practices, performance management, and features new problem-based learning cases.


Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success, 4th Edition is a valuable resource for professionals and students in the healthcare industry looking to enhance their understanding of human resource management. With its updated content and practical approach, this book equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in managing personnel effectively within the healthcare setting.

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