Interpersonal Relationships Professional Communication Skills For Nurses 7th Edition By Boggs Arnold


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Interpersonal relationships are crucial in the field of nursing as effective communication plays a significant role in providing quality healthcare services. The book “Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, 7th Edition By Boggs Arnold” emphasizes the importance of developing strong communication skills for nurses to achieve treatment goals and build rapport with clients, families, and colleagues.

This comprehensive textbook, authored by nursing educators Elizabeth Arnold and Kathleen Underman Boggs, offers clear guidelines and proven communication strategies that are essential for enhancing the nurse-client relationship. Drawing from nursing, psychology, and related theoretical frameworks, the book provides practical insights on applying communication principles in real-life scenarios through case studies, interactive exercises, and evidence-based practice studies.

Here are some key highlights of the book:

– Interactive exercises: To practice, observe, and critically evaluate professional communication skills in a safe learning environment.
– Practical guidelines: Describing how to adapt communication strategies for different populations and situations, including children, the elderly, end-of-life care, clients with special needs, health education, stress, crisis, and professional colleagues.
– Case examples: Helping readers develop empathy for clients’ perspectives and needs.
– Theories: Covering nursing, behavioral, developmental, family, and communication theories to provide a solid foundation for effective communication.
– Learning objectives, chapter overviews, and a detailed glossary: Focusing study and aiding in content retention.

The latest edition of the book incorporates new content, including a stronger emphasis on communication, interdisciplinary theory, and interprofessionalism. It also addresses QSEN competencies, critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter, and a dedicated chapter on communication clarity and safety in healthcare settings.

If you’re looking to enhance your communication skills as a nurse and improve your interactions with clients, families, and colleagues, “Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, 7th Edition” is a valuable resource to consider.


1. **What is the ISBN-10 of the book “Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, 7th Edition”?**
– The ISBN-10 of the book is 0323242812.

2. **What topics are covered in the book’s new edition?**
– The new edition emphasizes communication, interdisciplinary theory, interprofessionalism, QSEN competencies, and includes discussions on clarity and safety in communication within healthcare.

3. **How can the book help nurses develop effective communication skills?**
– The book provides practical guidelines, case examples, theories, and interactive exercises that enable nurses to enhance their communication skills in various healthcare scenarios.


“Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, 7th Edition By Boggs Arnold” is a comprehensive guide designed to assist nurses in improving their communication skills and fostering meaningful relationships in healthcare settings. With its practical approach, theoretical foundations, and updated content, this book is a valuable resource for nursing professionals looking to enhance their interpersonal communication abilities for better patient care outcomes.

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