Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals Fifth Edition J. Glenn Forister


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Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals, Fifth Edition is a comprehensive guide that aids students, faculty, and practitioners in understanding the research process, data interpretation, result comprehension, and integrating findings into practice. From selecting a research project to designing the research process, gathering data, analyzing and interpreting results, and understanding the overall research, this book equips individuals with the necessary research skills to acquire and contribute knowledge that benefits patients.

About the Author

Dennis Blessing, the author of this book, is a distinguished figure in the field of health professions education and research. With a background in physician assistant education since 1983, Dr. Blessing has made significant contributions to the field through his educational roles, clinical experiences, publications, and grant funds. His expertise spans across various areas of healthcare, making him a well-rounded and respected professional in the industry.

Book Details:

  • ISBN-10: 1284153770
  • ISBN-13: 978-1284153774

Key Features of the Book:

  • Guidance on selecting and developing research projects.
  • In-depth explanations on research process design.
  • Strategies for systematic data collection and analysis.
  • Interpretation and differentiation of conflicting results.
  • Understanding and applying research findings in clinical practice.

Who Can Benefit from this Book:

This book is valuable for students, faculty members, and healthcare practitioners seeking to enhance their research skills and knowledge. It serves as a practical resource for individuals looking to navigate the complexities of research literature and apply evidence-based practices in healthcare settings.


1. Is this book suitable for beginners in research?

Yes, this book is designed to cater to individuals at various levels, including beginners in research. It provides a comprehensive overview of the research process and guides readers through each step effectively.

2. Are there practical examples included in the book?

Yes, the book incorporates practical examples and case studies to illustrate key concepts and enhance understanding for readers.

3. Can healthcare practitioners from different specialties benefit from this book?

Absolutely, healthcare practitioners from diverse specialties can benefit from the insights and guidance offered in this book, as research skills are essential across various healthcare domains.


“Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professionals Fifth Edition” by J. Glenn Forister is a valuable asset for individuals looking to develop their research skills in the healthcare field. With comprehensive coverage of the research process, data analysis, and result interpretation, this book equips readers with the necessary tools to contribute meaningfully to evidence-based practice. Whether you are a student, faculty member, or healthcare professional, this book serves as a practical guide to enhance your research capabilities and make informed decisions in clinical settings.

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