Leadership for Public Health Theory and Practice James W. Holsinger


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In the rapidly evolving landscape of public health, the demand for effective leaders has never been more urgent. Recognizing this need, major public health associations have recently underscored the importance of leadership development within the public health workforce. James W. Holsinger’s book, “Leadership for Public Health: Theory and Practice,” seeks to address this crucial call to action.

Based on the belief that skilled public health leaders view individuals as their most valuable resource, the book emphasizes the importance of guiding people through diverse situations. Acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership, the authors challenge readers to explore various leadership models and theories, identify the most suitable ones for their public health practice, and apply key concepts in their daily operations.

Structured into three parts, the book provides a comprehensive exploration of leadership in the context of public health:

1. The Foundation for Effective Public Health Practice: Offering an overview of leadership and professionalism in today’s public health arena.
2. Leadership Theories and Concepts: Delving into the leadership models that can best support emerging leaders in public health.
3. The Effective Practice of Public Health Leadership: Further refining the theories and concepts to real-world applications in public health settings.

“Leadership for Public Health: Theory and Practice” not only presents a detailed discussion of leadership theory but also includes sector-specific examples and cases to enhance understanding. While the primary audience is graduate-level public health students, the book is valuable for public health leadership institutes and practitioners looking to enhance their leadership skills.

Ultimately, this book provides a practical framework for leaders within any type or size of public health organization, regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy. The overarching goal of the book is to cultivate the leadership necessary to drive organizational and community-level transformational change, thus improving public health outcomes.


1. Who is the author of “Leadership for Public Health: Theory and Practice”?

James W. Holsinger is the author of this book.

2. Who is the target audience for this book?

The primary target audience includes graduate-level public health students, public health leadership institutes, and practitioners aiming to enhance their leadership skills.

3. What is the structure of the book?

The book is structured into three parts: The Foundation for Effective Public Health Practice, Leadership Theories and Concepts, and The Effective Practice of Public Health Leadership.


“Leadership for Public Health: Theory and Practice” by James W. Holsinger offers a valuable resource for individuals looking to navigate the complexities of leadership in the field of public health. By combining theoretical insights with practical examples, the book equips readers with the tools needed to become effective leaders capable of driving positive change within public health organizations and communities. With a focus on developing leadership competencies tailored to the public health sector, this book serves as a cornerstone for leadership development in the ever-evolving realm of public health.

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