Lean, Ethical Business Communication Sundararajan Macdonald


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If you are looking to enhance your business communication skills, “Lean, Ethical Business Communication” by Sundararajan and Macdonald is a valuable resource. This book focuses on five key elements – strategy, content, outcome, presentation, and ethics – to help generate effective business communication in various scenarios.

Through immersive case studies from a fictional tech company called APPFORMS, the authors provide practical insights and guidance on applying the five-point focus to tackle complex communication challenges commonly encountered in the business world. From employment communication to reports, presentations, and social media interactions, this book equips students with the necessary tools to excel in their future careers.

With a blend of business communication models and rhetorical strategies, readers can learn how to analyze audiences, choose the right delivery methods, and craft impactful messages tailored to different communication contexts. Each chapter is enriched with end-of-chapter resources, including summaries, discussion questions, critical thinking prompts, and writing tips, making “Lean, Ethical Business Communication” a comprehensive guide for fostering successful and confident communicators.

About the Authors

Binod Sundararajan, an associate professor of management at the Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University, and Linda Macdonald, assistant professor and director of the International Student Success Program at the Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University, bring their expertise and experience in business communication to offer a rich learning experience through this book.


1. Who are the authors of “Lean, Ethical Business Communication”?

The authors of the book are Binod Sundararajan and Linda Macdonald.

2. What are the key elements emphasized in the book for effective business communication?

The five key elements highlighted in the book are strategy, content, outcome, presentation, and ethics.

3. How does the book help readers improve their communication skills?

The book uses immersive case studies and practical examples to help readers apply the five-point focus to real-world communication challenges. It also provides end-of-chapter resources for further learning and development.


Effective communication is essential for success in the business world, and “Lean, Ethical Business Communication” by Sundararajan and Macdonald offers a valuable framework and practical guidance for enhancing communication skills. By focusing on strategy, content, outcome, presentation, and ethics, readers can develop the capabilities needed to navigate diverse communication scenarios with confidence and professionalism. Whether you are a student preparing for your future career or a professional looking to refine your communication abilities, this book is a valuable resource that can empower you to become a successful communicator in the competitive business environment.

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