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## Learning and Behavior: A Comprehensive Overview of Modern Theory by Mark Bouton

In the second edition of “Learning and Behavior: A Modern Synthesis” by Mark Bouton, readers are taken on a journey through the fascinating world of learning and behavior theory. This book provides a thorough analysis of modern concepts and principles in the field of psychology, particularly focusing on animal learning and its significance in understanding human behavior.

### Key Details:
– **ISBN-10:** 9780878933853
– **ISBN-13:** 978-0878933853

### Book Highlights:
– The text emphasizes the importance of studying animal learning for students, psychologists, and scientists in related disciplines.
– Chapters are structured to demonstrate how knowledge is gathered through systematic theory development and research.
– The book covers a wide range of topics, including basic learning processes, conditioning theories, memory retrieval, and instrumental learning.
– Readers are introduced to various examples and practical applications of learning theories in everyday life.

### About the Author:
**Mark E. Bouton** is a distinguished professor at the University of Vermont with a focus on animal learning, cognition, and behavior. His research explores the relationships between context, conditioning, memory, and motivation, with a special interest in inhibitory processes. Bouton’s expertise in learning theory, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioral therapy has made him a notable figure in the field of psychology.

### FAQ:

#### Q: Who is the target audience for “Learning and Behavior: A Modern Synthesis”?
A: The book is aimed at students, psychologists, and scientists interested in understanding modern theories of learning and behavior.

#### Q: What topics are covered in the book?
A: The book covers basic learning processes, conditioning theories, memory retrieval, instrumental learning, and more.

#### Q: What makes Mark Bouton’s approach to learning theory unique?
A: Bouton’s emphasis on the significance of studying animal learning and its connections to human behavior sets his work apart.

### Conclusion:
“Learning and Behavior: A Modern Synthesis” offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the theories and principles that underlie behavior and learning. Mark Bouton’s expertise and insight make this book a valuable resource for anyone interested in the fascinating world of psychology.

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