Long Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice, 6th Edition


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Limited radiography practitioners play a crucial role in the healthcare industry by providing essential radiographic services within their scope of practice. To support these professionals in their training and preparation for the field, the “Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice, 6th Edition” textbook offers a comprehensive guide to imaging principles, positioning techniques, and procedural skills. Authored by radiologic imaging experts Bruce Long, Eugene Frank, and Ruth Ann Ehrlich, this edition is designed to align with the curriculum requirements set by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) to ensure thorough preparation for the ARRT Limited Scope Examination.

Key Features of the 6th Edition:
– Comprehensive coverage of x-ray science, radiographic anatomy, technical exposure factors, radiation safety, and more.
– Updated digital imaging concepts to reflect current practices and ASRT specifications.
– Information on state licensure and radiography terminology specific to limited practice.
– Step-by-step instructions for radiographic positioning techniques.
– Simplified explanations of math and radiologic physics principles.
– Dedicated chapter on Bone Densitometry for exam preparation and clinical practice.
– Learning objectives, key terms, and special boxes to aid in comprehension and review.
– New content updates and enhanced visual materials for better understanding of key concepts and technologies.

Whether you are a student preparing for the Limited Scope Examination or a practicing limited radiography professional looking to enhance your skills, “Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice, 6th Edition” serves as a valuable resource to support your education and career development in this specialized field.

For more details and to purchase the book, you can find the ISBN information below:
– ISBN-10: 0323661874
– ISBN-13: 978-0323661874

Considering investing in your radiography education? This book is a must-have for limited practice radiography students and professionals alike.

## FAQ

### Can this book help me prepare for the ARRT Limited Scope Examination?
Yes, “Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice, 6th Edition” is designed to thoroughly prepare students for the ARRT Limited Scope Examination by covering all essential topics mandated by the ASRT curriculum.

### Are there any new updates in the 6th Edition of this book?
Yes, the 6th Edition includes updated content to align with current radiography practices for limited scope practitioners. It also features new drawings, photos, and radiographs to enhance understanding of key concepts.

### Is Bone Densitometry covered in this book?
Yes, there is a dedicated chapter on Bone Densitometry that provides the necessary information for both exam preparation and practical application in clinical settings.

## Conclusion

“Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice, 6th Edition” is a valuable resource for students and practitioners in the field of limited radiography. With its comprehensive coverage of essential topics, clear instructions, and updated content, this textbook equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their roles. Whether you are studying for the ARRT Limited Scope Examination or seeking to enhance your expertise in limited radiography, this edition serves as a trusted guide for your educational and professional growth.

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