Organization Theory And Design 12th Edition by Richard L. Daft


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If you are looking for a comprehensive resource on organization theory and design, the 12th Edition by Richard L. Daft is a highly acclaimed choice. This edition delves into the most innovative thinking about organizations today, blending modern concepts with established theories and effective business practices.

Richard Daft, a renowned author in the field, presents a captivating view of contemporary organizations and the principles that drive their success. The book is recognized for its systematic and well-organized approach, helping both aspiring and current managers to navigate the challenges of today’s business landscape.

### Key Details:
– **ISBN-10:** 9781305629943
– **ISBN-13:** 978-1305629943

### Book Description:
The revision of this edition showcases current examples and research alongside timeless principles. Readers can explore how leading organizations thrive in a rapidly changing and highly competitive global environment. The book also offers new learning features that allow readers to apply concepts and enhance their business skills.

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### FAQ

**1. Who is the author of “Organization Theory And Design 12th Edition”?**
– The author of this edition is Richard L. Daft.

**2. What are the ISBN details for this edition?**
– The ISBN-10 is 9781305629943, and the ISBN-13 is 978-1305629943.

**3. What makes this edition unique?**
– This edition combines modern ideas with traditional theories, offering a compelling insight into contemporary organizations.

**4. Where can I find this book for purchase?**
– You can check with your financial institution or online bookstores for availability.

### Conclusion

“Organization Theory And Design 12th Edition by Richard L. Daft” is a valuable resource for individuals interested in understanding the dynamics of organizations and effective business practices. With a focus on contemporary insights and classic principles, this edition provides a well-rounded perspective on organizational theory and design. Whether you are a student, aspiring manager, or seasoned professional, this book offers valuable knowledge and practical applications.

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