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If you are a nursing student or practicing nurse looking to excel in pediatric nursing, the “Pediatric Nursing 1st Edition” by Tagher Knapp is a valuable resource for developing the necessary medical judgment and critical thinking skills. This innovative, case-based text brings real-life scenarios to the forefront, allowing you to apply your knowledge of growth and development, body systems, and pharmacologic treatment to fictional situations based on actual clinical cases.

**Key Features:**
– Powerfully written case-based patient scenarios to prepare you for clinical practice.
– Nurse’s Point of View sections to recognize nursing issues and challenges in patient care.
– Unfolding Patient Stories to foster reflection on common clinical situations.
– Let’s Review boxes to differentiate between adult and pediatric anatomy and physiology.
– Growth and Development Test features to alert you to age-specific considerations in nursing care.
– The Pharmacy sections to organize medications for quick reference.
– Analyze the Evidence boxes to strengthen your clinical judgment skills by examining conflicting research findings.
– Patient Teaching boxes to guide effective patient and parent education strategies.
– Interactive learning resources like Practice & Learn Case Studies and Watch & Learn Videos.
– Learning Objectives and Key Terms to aid in maximizing study time.
– Think Critically questions to develop clinical reasoning and analytical skills.
– Suggested Readings for further research and clinical guidance.

**ISBN Details:**
– **ISBN-10:** 1496394224
– **ISBN-13:** 978-1496394224

This textbook equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the challenges of pediatric nursing and provides unparalleled preparation for your nursing career.

### FAQ

**Q: Is this book suitable for nursing students?**
A: Yes, “Pediatric Nursing 1st Edition” is an excellent resource for nursing students looking to enhance their understanding of pediatric nursing.

**Q: Are there interactive learning resources included with the book?**
A: Yes, the book offers interactive resources such as Practice & Learn Case Studies and Watch & Learn Videos to reinforce learning.

**Q: Does the book cover essential pediatric nursing concepts?**
A: Yes, the book covers essential topics such as growth and development, body systems, pharmacologic treatment, patient safety, and more.

### Conclusion

“Pediatric Nursing 1st Edition” by Tagher Knapp is a comprehensive and practical guide for anyone pursuing a career in pediatric nursing. With its case-based approach, interactive resources, and emphasis on real-world patient scenarios, this textbook is designed to enhance your clinical skills and prepare you for the challenges of pediatric nursing practice.

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