Pediatric Nursing Caring For Children And Their Families 3rd Edition by Nicki L. Potts


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**Pediatric Nursing: Caring For Children And Their Families 3rd Edition by Nicki L. Potts**

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on pediatric nursing that focuses on caring for children and their families, the 3rd edition of “Pediatric Nursing: Caring For Children And Their Families” by Nicki L. Potts is a valuable resource. This edition provides a dynamic and insightful approach towards pediatric care, emphasizing a holistic, family-centered methodology. The book covers a wide range of topics, including healthy growth and development milestones, illness states, chronic conditions, and essential nursing skills necessary for providing quality care to pediatric clients.

**Key Features:**

– Holistic approach: The authors advocate for a holistic view of pediatric care, considering not only the individual child but also their family dynamics and support systems.
– Family-centered care: The book emphasizes the importance of family involvement in pediatric nursing, highlighting the role of families in the care and nurturing of children.
– Health promotion: The nursing care presented in the book is framed within a context of health promotion, encouraging nurses to approach children and their families with a focus on preventative measures and well-being.
– Comprehensive content: From assessment techniques to communication strategies, the book covers essential nursing skills within the pediatric context, equipping nurses with the knowledge needed to address the unique needs of pediatric clients.

**ISBN-10:** 1435486722
**ISBN-13:** 978-1435486720

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### Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pediatric Nursing

**Q: Who is the author of “Pediatric Nursing: Caring For Children And Their Families 3rd Edition”?**
A: The author of this edition is Nicki L. Potts.

**Q: What is the focus of the book?**
A: The book focuses on providing a holistic, family-centered approach to pediatric nursing care.

**Q: Are there specific chapters that cover chronic conditions in children?**
A: Yes, the book includes information on chronic conditions and illness states in pediatric clients.

**Q: Where can I find more information about purchasing this book?**
A: You can inquire with your financial institution or check online retailers for purchasing options.


“Pediatric Nursing: Caring For Children And Their Families 3rd Edition” by Nicki L. Potts is a comprehensive guide for nurses and healthcare professionals looking to enhance their understanding of pediatric care. With a strong emphasis on family-centered care, health promotion, and essential nursing skills, this edition offers valuable insights into caring for children in various health states. Whether you are a seasoned pediatric nurse or a student entering the field, this book can serve as a valuable resource in your professional development.

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