Political Science An Introduction, Updated Edition 14th Edition Michael G. Roskin


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If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to Political Science, the “Political Science: An Introduction, Updated Edition 14th Edition” by Michael G. Roskin is a must-read. This book delves into the fundamental principles of political science that have influenced crucial decision-making by leaders throughout history. With a mix of theoretical concepts and practical reasoning, readers gain insights on how to approach political manipulation with a rational mindset.

The Fourteenth Edition of the book delves into the intriguing topic of exported democracy, raising questions about the readiness of certain nations to embrace governmental systems like the one in the US. Through analysis of real-world events such as the Iraq war and discussions on adapting democracy in the US, readers are encouraged to develop their own perspectives on democracy and political science. Ideal for beginners in the field, the authors urge readers to explore various paradigms, viewpoints, and theories to shape their political ideologies.

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  • ISBN-10: 0134402855
  • ISBN-13: 978-0134402857

For programs in Introduction to Political Science.

Discover the Fundamentals of Political Science

Political Science: An Introduction showcases how the core principles of the discipline have guided significant decision-making by leaders over centuries. It strikes a balance between theoretical abstractions and applied reasoning to equip readers with the skills to make informed, reasoned choices in the realm of political manipulation.


1. Who is the author of the book “Political Science: An Introduction”?

The author of the book is Michael G. Roskin.

2. What is the focus of the Fourteenth Edition of the book?

The Fourteenth Edition explores the concept of exported democracy and challenges regarding its implementation in various countries.

3. What makes this book suitable for beginners in Political Science?

This book presents complex political concepts in an accessible manner, encouraging readers to explore diverse perspectives and theories to shape their political beliefs.


The “Political Science: An Introduction, Updated Edition 14th Edition” provides a solid foundation in the field of political science, offering a blend of theoretical framework and practical insights. By examining real-world scenarios and challenging readers to think critically, this book serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of political ideologies and decision-making processes.

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