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If you are interested in pollution prevention and sustainability, the second edition of “Pollution Prevention” is a valuable resource for you. This revised edition covers various aspects including lean manufacturing, design for the environment, green infrastructure, and sustainability. The book offers insights into reducing waste from material sourcing to recycling and explores the fundamental principles of different types of pollution.

It includes case studies from diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, electronics, and more. Additionally, the book addresses the economic considerations associated with pollution prevention strategies.

About the Author

Dr. R. Ryan Dupont, the author of “Pollution Prevention 2nd Edition,” is a distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research focuses on bioremediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, utilizing natural attenuation and bioaugmentation for remediation, and employing DNA probes for microbial community analysis. Dr. Dupont’s expertise also extends to soil vapor extraction, pollution prevention, life-cycle analysis, and municipal solid waste management.

Awards and honors recognizing Dr. Dupont’s contributions include Sigma Xi in 2000, ASCE Utah Section Outstanding Professor of the Year in 1998, and more.

Book Details:

  • ISBN-10: 1498749542
  • ISBN-13: 978-1498749541

Highlighted Topics:

  • Lean manufacturing and design for the environment
  • Low impact development and green infrastructure
  • Green science and engineering
  • Sustainability and waste reduction

Editorial Reviews

“Pollution Prevention 2nd Edition” has garnered positive reviews from environmental experts, academics, and industry professionals for its comprehensive coverage of pollution prevention strategies and sustainable practices.


1. How can “Pollution Prevention 2nd Edition” help me?

The book provides valuable insights into pollution prevention strategies, sustainable development, and environmental best practices across various industries.

2. Are there any real-world case studies in the book?

Yes, the book includes case studies from industries like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, electronics, and more to demonstrate practical applications of pollution prevention techniques.


The “Pollution Prevention 2nd Edition” is a comprehensive guide for individuals and professionals interested in sustainable practices and pollution reduction. With a focus on practical strategies and insightful case studies, this book offers valuable knowledge for tackling environmental challenges in today’s world.


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