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## Population Health: A Comprehensive Guide by Richard Riegelman

*Population Health: A Primer First Edition* authored by Richard Riegelman is a fundamental text that delves into the field of population health, focusing on the collaboration between clinicians, health administrators, and public health professionals to address health issues on a large scale. The book is designed to provide an educational foundation for individuals interested in exploring this rapidly growing sector of healthcare.

### Key Highlights

#### ISBN Details
– **ISBN-10:** 1284152227
– **ISBN-13:** 978-1284152227

#### Overview
The book is divided into three main units, aiming to answer crucial questions:
1. What is population health and why is it important?
2. What is systems thinking and how can it be implemented effectively?
3. What are the tools essential for population health management?

#### Features
– **Concise and Affordable:** This text offers a cost-effective means to incorporate a population health perspective into various courses.
– **Practical Application:** Each unit includes case studies, illustrating real-world applications of population health approaches.
– **Pedagogical Features:** The book includes learning objectives, frameworks, case studies with discussion questions, glossary, as well as tables and boxes that offer valuable guidance and resources for students.
– **Instructor Resources:** Insightful guidance and a test bank are available to instructors, aiding in the seamless integration of the book into their courses.

### About the Author
**Richard K. Riegelman, MD, MPH, PhD** is a distinguished Professor of Epidemiology, Medicine, and Health Policy at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington, DC. With an extensive background in primary care medicine and a wealth of publications, including six books in the field of medicine and public health, Dr. Riegelman is a respected figure in the academic and professional spheres of healthcare.

For individuals seeking a foundational understanding of population health and its significance in healthcare management, *Population Health: A Primer* serves as an invaluable resource.

### FAQ

**1. Who is the target audience for *Population Health: A Primer*?**
*Population Health: A Primer* can be utilized by a variety of disciplines, including nursing, pharmacy, physician assistants, health administration, and public health professionals.

**2. Does the book provide real-world examples?**
Yes, the book includes case studies with discussion questions to illustrate practical applications of population health concepts.

**3. Are there additional resources available for instructors?**
Instructors can access an insightful teacher’s guide and a test bank to aid in the teaching process.

### Conclusion

*Population Health: A Primer* by Richard Riegelman offers a comprehensive overview of population health, catering to individuals across various healthcare disciplines. With practical applications, pedagogical features, and insightful resources, this book serves as a valuable tool for both students and instructors looking to deepen their understanding of managing health on a population level.

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