Renewable Energy Resources, 4th Edition


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If you are interested in exploring renewable energy sources and their application on a global scale, the Renewable Energy Resources book is a must-read. Authored by John Twidell, this fourth edition provides a comprehensive overview of renewable energy technologies, their impact on the environment, and their socio-economic implications.

The book covers a wide range of renewable technologies utilized worldwide, focusing on harnessing sustainable resources, mitigating pollution, combating climate change, and offering cost-effective solutions. With updated content reflecting the latest global developments, this edition is a valuable resource for multidisciplinary master’s programs in science and engineering, as well as for practicing scientists and engineers seeking introductory knowledge and reference material.

Each chapter delves into fundamental scientific concepts, explores real-world applications, discusses environmental impacts and socio-economic considerations, and concludes with self-revision questions, problem sets, and exercises for further learning. The text also features reviews of key principles in electrical power, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and solid-state physics, making it a comprehensive guide for both students and professionals in the field.

About the Author

John Twidell is a renowned figure in the field of renewable energy with vast experience as an academic professor in the UK and internationally. His involvement in research, editorial roles, and industry associations has contributed significantly to the advancement of renewable energy technologies. Twidell’s practical approach to sustainable living at home, including the use of solar power, biomass energy, electric vehicles, and sustainable gardening, reflects his commitment to the principles he advocates.

Online Resources

Julie Alexander, a seasoned physics educator with expertise in climate modeling, has adopted the previous edition of Renewable Energy Property for her courses. She is looking forward to incorporating the updated fourth edition into her curriculum, further enhancing the learning experience for her mechanical engineering students.


1. Who is the author of Renewable Energy Resources, 4th Edition?

The author of Renewable Energy Resources is John Twidell, a prominent figure in the field of renewable energy.

2. What topics are covered in the book?

The book covers various renewable energy technologies, their applications, environmental impacts, and socio-economic considerations, along with fundamental scientific concepts.

3. Who can benefit from reading this book?

The book is aimed at multidisciplinary master’s programs in science and engineering, as well as practicing scientists and engineers seeking an introductory understanding of renewable energy sources.


The Renewable Energy Resources book offers a comprehensive and up-to-date insight into the world of renewable energy technologies. With its focus on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and cost-effectiveness, this fourth edition serves as a valuable resource for students, professionals, and enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge of renewable energy.

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